Mark Davie



Mark Davey is a freelance trombonist from Wellington New Zealand. Mark completed undergraduate studies in performance music with David Bremner Principal Trombone with the NZSO, and graduate studies in Chicago, USA with Michael Mulcahy of the Chicago Symphony, Timothy Higgins of San Francisco Symphony, Peter Ellefson, and Randy Hawes of the Detroit Symphony. In NZ Bands Mark has won many solo, party, and band titles, including a 3 A grade championships where he was awarded best soloist in the test (2013), and a record 4 consecutive open tenor trombone championships (2010-14). Mark is currently the Music Director of the Wellington Youth Brass Band, Capital Brass and the New Zealand Secondary Schools Brass Band.

                                          Ben Robertson





A member of the Royal New Zealand Air Force Band based in Wellington, Ben is an experienced military musician. A bass trombonist primarily, Ben has studied at the NZSM Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music in Wellington and the Trinity College of Music in London. Though he now is a reservist in the Air Force he is at times been seconded by the NZ Army Band having previously served with them for 6 years (joining on Tenor Horn of all instruments in 2006). Ben grew up in Ashburton, New Zealand (ex Ashburton College) but now freelances in Wellington. He is very proud of being part of the Australasian Champion A Grade brass band Wellington Brass Band, and has performed in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London.